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Describe the use of stainless steel filter tube

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Stainless steel strainer is used for screening and filtration under acid and alkali environment. It is used for mud strainer in petroleum industry, sieve strainer in chemical fiber industry and pickling strainer in electroplating industry. Used in mining, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other occupations.

Used for air conditioning, purifiers, range hoods, air filters, dehumidifiers, dust removers, etc., suitable for a variety of filtering, dust removal and separation requirements. Used in papermaking, food, sludge dehydration and other water filter belt occupations.

Warp and weft weaving, width ranging from 1 to 6 meters, can be further processed into a filter tube, filter, etc. Metal filter screen generally choose stainless steel wire, nickel wire, brass wire as data. There are five methods of plain weaving, twill weaving, Plain Dutch weaving, twill Dutch weaving and reverse Dutch weaving.

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