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On the efficiency of metal sintering mesh filter element is how to do

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The key to the planning of sintered mesh filter element is: high blocking power to particles; Low resistance under air flow; High dust capacity. Together with the rule measurement parameter measurement *** degree. The intercept power planning is based on a measurement of the intercept dust component power of the original filter data. This is related to the fiber properties of the filter.

Plant fibers and polyester fibers have their own blocking grain abilities. Blocking is not a simple pore size blocking, it includes a variety of adsorption effects, glass fiber is significantly better than plant fiber blocking particles, not because of its fine fiber, mesh size is small, but its adsorption of particles can be strong.

The filter data of the original sintered mesh filter element were cut into 113mm (100cm2) specimen, and then the power test was carried out on it. The condition is: air flow is 20m/min; The concentration of human ash (AC) in the air was 18g/cm2. The pressure difference reached the limit of 1000Pa. After the experiment, the filtration power of the filter material was measured.

As the blocking particles of vehicle (industrial) sintered mesh core are identified by component power, the nominal filter power is component power. And the particle blocking power of the sintered mesh filter element (component) is exactly the parameter of taking the filter material and planning for the filter element.

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